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Bruce’s  messages focus on how the Scripture speaks to our lives today, emphasizing a fresh perspective instead of rehashing old assumptions, and spoken from the heart instead of read from a manuscript.

Bruce believes that “as pastor I don’t see myself as different from other people – I have the same struggles and challenges and am on a path of spiritual growth too… I try to share that in the message, in personal relationships with people, and in the work we do together as a church… my job is to share what I am learning and learn from what other people share with me in their experience and bring that all together with God’s perspective as believers in a God who is “still speaking.”

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Religion from Furman University, a Master’s in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Eden Seminary.

Bruce served churches in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina before accepting an offer to serve at Arlington Congregational Church.

Bruce Havens is a native of Vero Beach, Florida. He and his wife Tammy have three children, Allen, Caroline and John, and they love being able to spend time at the beach here in Jacksonville.


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